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  The role of the Industrial Estates Authority of Thailand (IEAT)
  The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, which is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Industry, and plays three distinct
roles among Thailandís 29 industrial estates:
  Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand,Investments in Asia,Industrial Zone Thailand,Industrial Promotion Zone
It owns outright and manages directly some of the industrial estates.
It is a partner with private sector firms in operating some industrial estates.
It is a supportive government body for private sector business setting up private industrial estates
  For businesses locating within industrial estates, the IEAT is also a one-stop service center that can grant the licenses and permits necessary for investors to get their factory up and running.The IEAT also acts as the government monitor and enforcer of industrial regulations and standards for factories within industrial estates. This includes everything from construction regulations to environmental standards for air emissions and wastewater treatment.
  The official website of IEAT is
  Factors to consider if factories decide to locate outside industrial estates   
  Foreign investors who locate factories outside of an industrial estate do not have the right to own land, unless the
company is specifically a Board of Investment promoted company. By locating outside an industrial estate, investors
also increase the burdens they must bear, namely:
They have to pay for land preparation, filling and leveling.
They have to pay to gain access to utilities.
They have to build and operate their own water and wastewater treatment plants.
They have to ensure that the infrastructure will be adequate (For example, an industrial estate provides a 20 meter wide access road suitable for
  truck traffic.
They have to worry about red tape, uncooperative local authorities, and corruption and criminal elements.
They cannot take advantage of opportunities to pool resources and form associations with industrial colleagues.
  >>  Please refer to section investment incentives from IEAT and the Board of Investment of Thailand for factories located in
      industrial estates.

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