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Corporate Social Responsibilites
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Amata’s responsibilities to the community and environment

Amata Corporation PCL main business is in land development for industries and the provision of utilities and other business supporting services to local and multi-national customers in Amata Nakorn, Amata City Rayong and Amata City Vietnam industrial estates.

At the same time, the company realizes the importance of social responsibility towards communities in and around the industrial estates.

Amata’s policy for social responsibility is as following:

  1. The company is aware of and places significant concerns towards building good relationship with the surrounding communities through continuous emphasis on preserving the environment, community health quality and the economic situation.
  2. Amata is determined to cooperate and support local communities to make them self sustainable.
  3. Amata is determined to build organizational attitude and culture to encourage employees and all stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, government parties and communities to create and maintain good relationships to uphold mutual respects and trust.

The company’s management team and all employees therefore join together to follow and live this social responsibility policy. The awards to show for good practices include:

  • CSR Rayong 2011 from the Ministri of Industrial
  • ECO Symbiosis 2013: Consolation Price
  • ECO Industrial Town Champion 2013
  • Drug-Free Industrial Estates Certificate

Amata realizes on the importance of natural resources including the environmental impact – both Amata estates were accredited the ISO 14001 certification by TUV Rheinland.

Since establishment of the industrial site, the company has implemented the Zero-Discharge Waste Management principles. The concept of Zero-Discharge regulates the management of liquid and solid waste. Waste Water is treated and completely reused in the estate either for watering of green areas or cleaning purposes.

Every year, an environmental policy is handed to all staff, suppliers and contractors. It clarifies the focus of the company in regards to good environmental practice in following points:

  • Emphasize on prevention of problem rather than solving problems
  • Recycling system according the company policy of Zero-Discharge
  • Economical and efficient use of natural resources and power
  • Maintenance of waste treatment plants and systems to achieve maximum efficiency
  • “Green and Clean” mind and attitude among staff members
  • More efficient “Way-Finding” for traffic to ensure safety.