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Science City
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Located on 1,000 rai of land, Amata's 'Science City' is an area at the Amata Nakorn industrial estate designed to be a home for organizations devoted to scientific research. The intent is not only to establish an area where companies involved in scientific research can establish their businesses, but to create an environment where governmental agencies, universities and private companies can work together.

Amata recognizes that there is a need in Thailand to expand from production based industries to industries involved with R&D. The company hopes Science City will not only help promote this shift, but also develop an innovative spirit among Thai companies.

Amata believes Science City will also benefit clients in its industrial estates.  Although research involved with product development is confidential and heavily guarded, companies with operations at Amata frequently run into problems on assembly lines and the like that require non-confidential research to develop a solution. The existence of companies at the estate with the capabilities of helping with these solutions adds to Amata's attractiveness as a place to locate a factory or other business.