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Incentives & Benefits
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Government investment incentives

The Board of Investment (BOI)

Effective January 2015, The Board of Investment of Thailand has introduced a new scheme for granting investment incentives.

Seven  Year Investment Promotion Strategy (2015 - 2021) 

Most significant change:

There will be no Zone 3 anymore - and no Zone 1 and Zone 2 as well. In general this results in a leveled playing field all over Thailand. With a unique minimum salary of THB 300 per day all over Thailand and the same investment promotion from North to South, from West to East, the provinces "upcountry" may lose its attractiveness for foreign investments.

New Approach to Granting Investment Incentives

Incentives are granted for either type of activity, or for merits. Activity-based incentives are classified based on the importance of activities. Merit-based incentives are additional incentives to encourage more expenditures/ investments that benefit the country or overall industry.

Activity-based Incentives All details about this new investment promotion scheme and more information can be found on the official website of The Board of Investment Website


Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)

For more information please visit the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Website

Free Zone and ASEAN

For more information please visit The Customs Department of Thailand website or official website of ASEAN