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Roads & Common Areas
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In Thailand, regulations require that an industrial estate have an adequate network of roads. Amata understands the importance of a comprehensive network of main roads and smaller arteries and lanes. All of the company's more than 100 kilometers of roadway are built to the the standards of Thailand's Highway Department and have a bearing capacity of 21 tons or more. Branch roads start from a width of 25 meters (two lanes) and extend to 50 meters (four lanes) while main roads are six to ten lanes in width. 

Amata also takes making its industrial estates 'green' seriously. It has created numerous green areas in the form of gardens, trees, footpaths and green belts.

All of this is maintained and managed by Amata Facility Service, a subsidiary that takes care of traffic, road safety and road maintenance as well as looking after green areas by cutting grass, watering gardens and generally insuring the industrial park remains green and beautiful.

In Vietnam the attractive and well-maintained park has a network of footpaths and a grid of roads built of reinforced concrete.