Amata Nakorn 2009
Status: Operational (in General Industrial Zone and Free Zone)
No. Company Nationality Product
Aapico Amata Co., Ltd. Thailand Auto parts
Aapico Forging PCL. Thailand Crank shaft, gear driving, tension
Abira AADI International Co.,Ltd. Sweden repackaging OTOP Snack
Adcomat (Siam) Ltd. Japan Fishing tag, audio parts
Advance Die Casting Service Co., Ltd. Japan Sub-assembly, painting, automotive parts
AGC Automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Safety glass
AGC Flat Glass (Thailand) PCL. Japan Float glass
AGC Techno Glass (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Japan Glass lens for automobiles, table ware
Ageless (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Oxygen absorbers
Aichi International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts, forging
Aiphone Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Intercom
Air Products Industry Co., Ltd. Thailand Industrial gas
Air Water (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Heat treatment
14 Aisin Takaoka Foundry Bangpakong Co., Ltd. Japan Cast iron products
15 Ajethai Co., Ltd. Peru Beverage
16 Akebono Brake (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Brake parts and assembling of brake products
17 Alternative Energy International (Thailand) Ltd. Australia Hydrogen Machine Maker
18 Amada  Wasino (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Grinders, lathes, env. equipments
19 Amata Summit Ready Built Co., Ltd. Thailand Factories for lease or sale
20 Amata Summit Ready Built Co., Ltd. Thailand Factory for Rent and Sale
21 Amagasaki Pipe (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Japan Copper connection
22 Anden (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Flasher, relay
23 Ando Seisakusho Globe (Thailand) Co, Ltd. Thailand Metal products
24 Anest Iwata Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. Japan Air compressor
25 Anritsu Industrial Solutions Co.,Ltd. Japan Measurement Equipment
26 AO Electronic Co., Ltd. Japan Valves, tubes and other electronic components
27 Apollo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Lubricating oil
28 Aptar(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. USA Spray pumps, nasal pumps, aerosol valve pumps and lotion pumps
29 AR Elastomer Co., Ltd. Thailand Rubber parts, silicone key switch, electrical appliances
30 ARST (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Seat components
31 Artifact Co., Ltd. Thailand Metal letters
32 Asahi Tec Aluminium (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Aluminum wheel
33 Asia Pacific Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Singapore Aromatics groups, alcohols, ketoses, esters, glycol ethel
34 Asia Precision Co., Ltd. Thailand Precision metal parts for OA
35 Auto CS Engineering Co., Ltd. Japan Jig and fixture, welding mach
36 Auto Metal Co., Ltd. Thailand Stainless steel pipe for automobiles and others
37 Autoliv Thailand Ltd. Sweden Safety belt, air bag, steering
38 Autoliv Thailand Ltd. Sweden Safety belt, air bag, steering
39 Ayacucho Preform Co., Ltd. Peru PET plastic bottles
40 Ayutthaya HCL Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts
41 Bando Hong Kong Limited    
42 Bangkok Coil Center Co., Ltd. Japan Steel product
43 Bangkok Instrument & Service Co., Ltd. Thailand Glue tape, glue for industrial application
44 Bangkok Komatsu Co., Ltd. Japan Hydraulic excavator
45 Bangkok Komatsu Industries Co., Ltd. Japan Parts for automobiles, agriculture machinery, industrial machinery
46 Bangkok Marine Enterprises Ltd. Thailand Truck and carrier cars
47 Bangkok Nagatsu Co.,Ltd. Japan Parts for Construction Machineries
48 BASF Construction Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Chemical products
Becker Acroma (Thailand) Ltd. Sweden Finishing wood
50 Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Bus & truck tires
51 Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharma (Thailand) Ltd. USA Nutritional products
52 C.L. Engineering Co., Ltd. Thailand Electronic and auto parts
53 Calsonic Kansei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts
54 Camplas Co.,Ltd. Japan Plastic for electronic
55 Castem (Siam) Co., Ltd. Japan Iron or steel casting products
56 CBC Forma Co.,Ltd.    
57 Celeste Asia Co., Ltd. France Jewelry
58 Ceva Logistics Co., Ltd. Japan Truck and carrier cars
59 Chain Chon Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Taiwan Stainless steel
60 Cherry Serina Co., Ltd. Japan Engine gaskets, heat insulators
61 Circure Herbal Med Co.,Ltd. Thailand Packaging for Vitamin
62 CKD Thai Corporation Ltd. Japan Solenoid value, motor pneumatic
63 Clariant Masterbatches (Thailand) Ltd. Switzerland Master batches
64 Cobra Advanced Composites Co., Ltd. Thailand Automotive composite parts
65 Cobra Engineering Co., Ltd. Thailand Automobile die jig assembly
66 Cobra International Co., Ltd. Thailand Surfboard
67 Cognis Thai Co., Ltd.  Germany Surfactant


Colgate-Palmolive (Thailand) Ltd. USA Oral care, personal care, children care product, household detergents
69 Complete Auto Rubber Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Thailand Auto parts
70 Composite Marine International Co., Ltd. Thailand Boats and yachts, ship parts
71 Cosmostechno Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Chemical for auto care, chemical for electronics devices, chemical for surface polishing
72 Dae Sung Hitec (Thailand) Co., Ltd. South Korea Plastic telephone
73 Daesung Fine Tec (Thailand) Co., Ltd. South Korea Gear, bracket
74 Daiho Industrial (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Plastic Parts
75 Daika Kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Plastic products
76 Daiki Aluminium Industries (Thailand) Co., ltd. Japan Aluminum alloy ingot
77 Daiki Aluminium Industries (Thailand) Co., ltd. Japan Aluminum alloy ingot (warehouse)
78 Daikin Airconditioning (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Air conditioners 
79 Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Air conditioners & compressors
80 Daikyo Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Construction Machinery Products
81 DIC Graphics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Printing ink
82 Daipla Systec (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Plastic molding, plastic injection and unit parts assembly
83 Daito-Seiko (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Mold
84 Daiwa Asia CO., Ltd.    
85 Daiwa Harness (Thailadn) Co.,Ltd. Japan  
86 Daizen Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts
87 David Brown (Thailand) Ltd. USA Hydraulic pump, value power take off
88 Denso (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Engines for automobiles, electronic parts
89 DENSO Training Academy (Thailand)  Japan Training facility of Denso
90 Design Source & Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Thailand Wake board binding
91 DIA Modern Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Metal products
92 DIAB (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Denmark Structural materials
93 Dunlop Adhesive (Thailand) Limited Japan Adhesive Products
94 DynaChisso Thai Co., Ltd. Taiwan Plastic components
95 E & H Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Nut, shafts, screws, stud
96 Eagle Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Reed value
97 Ebara-Udylite (Asia-Pacific) Co., Ltd. Japan Chemicals, machines and auxiliary equipments for surface treatments
98 EKK Eagle (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Water Pump Seal, Reed Valve, Actuator
99 Elmo Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan imaging products and electric equipment products
100 Emori  (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Warehouse for electronic
101 Endela Precision Components Co., Ltd. Singapore Screws, nuts
102 Enshu Molding Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Safety belt parts
103 Envelex (Thailand) Ltd. New Zealand Construction material
104 Essilor Optical Laboratory (Thailand) Co., Ltd. France Optical products
105 Eternal Resin Co., Ltd.    
106 Ever Wealth Plastic (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Singapore Auto parts, electronic parts
107 Everon International Corp.,  Ltd. Taiwan Sport goods
108 Exedy (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Clutch cover and disc
109 EXEDY Friction Material Co., Ltd.                                                                                                          Japan Friction facing
110 Ezaki Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Car parts (pipes)
111 FCC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts
112 FC Laboratories Co., Ltd. Japan Cosmetics, body- skin- hair care
113 Feltech Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Thailand Sound absorber, carpet felt, automotive felt
114 FIC International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Compressor
115 Fluid-Bag (Asia) Co., Ltd. Finnland pp Fabrig Bags
116 Freudenberg & Vilene Filter (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Japan Air Filter
117 Fujita Rashi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Japan Nut screw
118 Fukui Kasei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Electronic parts
119 Futaba Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Mobile parts for Sony
120 G.S. Electech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.    
121 GAC Thoresen Logistics Ltd. Norway Logistics service
122 Gifu Seiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Die casting
123 Global Architectural Co., Ltd. Italy Curtain wall, glass, aluminum sheets
124 Glory Plan Thailand Co., Ltd.  Japan Furniture
125 Greiner Bio-One (Thailand) Ltd. Austria Plastic manufacturing of disposable products for bio science
126 Hai Dai Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Die for cold forming bolt
127 Hanano (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Auto mixing unit, conveyer
128 Hanwa Steel Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Steel processing center
129 Hayashi Telempu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Vehicle carpets & parts
130 HBI Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. USA Lingerie
131 Henkel (Thailand) Ltd. Germany Chemical detergent & cosmetics
132 Hiclear KS Envirotech Co., Ltd. Thailand Waste water treatment tank
133 Hino Motors Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Truck assembly
134 Holley Electronic Meter Co., Ltd. P.R. China Meter,Breaker
135 Holley Group Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd. P.R. China Meter,Breaker
136 Holley Hangshen Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd. P.R. China Meter,Breaker
137 Holley Sky-Lighting International  (Thailand) Co., Ltd. P.R. China Lamp Lighing
138 Honda Lock R&D Asia Co., Ltd. Japan Wing mirror, handle for car
139 Honda Lock Thai Co., Ltd. Japan Key set & handle, door mirror, g-box
140 Hoyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Flocking, box material-handling products & equipment product
141 Hoyu Cosmetics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Chemicals & Related
142 HTM Takahashi (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Singapore Steel/ Metal/ Plastic
143 Hymix Co., Ltd. Thailand Steel/ Metal/ Plastic
144 Icon Electronics Co., Ltd. Thailand Electronics & Electrical Industry
145 Idemitsu Lube (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Chemicals & Related
146 Induction Services and Engineering Co., Ltd. India Service and Infrastructure Services
147 Ihara Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.                                       Japan Automotive Industry
148 IHI Turbo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Automotive Industry
149 Iida Seimitsu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Japan Steel/ Metal/ Plastic
150 Inaba (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Automotive Industry
151 Industrial Tech Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Hair color
152 Inoac Automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Mold & die
153 Inoac (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan PVC compound
154 Inpet Co., Ltd. Thailand PCB 
155 Intercontinental Jewellery Manufacturing Public Co.,Ltd. Australia Oil Reserch
156 Interface Modernform Co., Ltd. USA Heat treatment and related services
157 International Casting Co., Ltd. Japan Components parts, electrical parts, motorcycle parts
158 Interroll DS Asia Pacific Co.,Ltd.   Turbo charger
159 Isotron (Thailand) Ltd. UK Machine parts
160 J.F.K. Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Japan Stainless steel wire braid
161 Jaques (Thailand) Limted Australia Quarrying & mining equipment
162 JDC Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Taiwan Electronics products
163 Jep Precision Engineering Co., Ltd. Singapore  Precision Parts for aerospace
164 Jibuhin (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Ring gear, automobile parts
165 John While Springs (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Singapore Springs
166 Joinhands Industry Co., Ltd. Taiwan Plastic bag cutting machine
167 Jotun Powder Coatings (Thailand) Ltd. Norway Powder paint
168 Jotun Thailand Limited Norway Paint products
169 Jowle Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Taiwan Connectors
170 Jujo Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Screen painting ink
171 Juki SMT Asia Co., Ltd. Japan spare parts depot, demonstration center and training center for SMT Machine.
172 JV (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Singapore Aluminium Blending for Auto Part
173 K Line Container Service (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Logistic
174 Kaeser Kompressoren (Thailand) Ltd.   Compressor
175 Kaise (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Pipe tube for air-conditioner
176 Kanayama Kasei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Foam
177 Kanpatsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts
178 Kanto Hara Co., Ltd. Japan Press & coil forging
179 Kanto Hara Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts
180 Kanuc YMP (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Heat treatment
181 Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Shampoo
182 Kawabe Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.                                         Japan Press part, plastic, die mould
183 Kitz (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Water valve
184 K'mac Bangkok Fastening Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts
185 Kohbyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Shaft and screw for automotive industry, electric product parts, CD&DVD player
186 Komark (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Malaysia Label printing
187 Konsei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Auto Parts, Electrical Parts and Industrial Robot
188 Konsei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Brake hose
189 Koryo (Thailand) Co, Ltd. Japan Plastic molding products
190 KTX Thai Co., Ltd. Japan Tooling for automotive interior parts
191 Kusatsu Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Electric motor
192 KYB (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts
193 KYB Steering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Hydraulic pump, power steering pump
194 KYB Technical Center (Thailand)Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts
195 Kyokuyo Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Press parts, chassis parts
196 Kyoritsu Iyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Japan Automotive parts
197 Laser Printing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Singapore Labels
198 Lily Tobeka Co., Ltd. Thailand Snacks
199 Linex International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand Packaging
200 Linkworld Electronic (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Taiwan Computer case, power supply, keyboard
201 Lube-Technology Co., Ltd. Japan Metal working oil
202 M E P Technical Center Asia Ltd. Japan Engineering plastic service
203 M2 Systems Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. Sweden Optical disc, media production
204 Mabuchi (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Module, pallet
205 Maxim Integrated Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. USA Test house for semiconductor
206 Maxsoft Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Malaysia Precision parts
207 MC Metal Service Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Steel coils and sheets
208 Meiwa Mold (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Mold
209 Metron Medical Co., Ltd. Australia Table
210 MHI-Pornchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Japan Machinery for mining, quarring and construction
211 MHI- Pornchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Japan Motor Grader Assembly and Heavy Construction Equipment
212 MIC Industries Co., Ltd. Japan Aluminum parts for air-conditioner industry
213 Micron Storage Media Ltd. Singapore DVD records
214 Ming Tai Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd                                               Taiwan Metal parts for automotive
215 Mino (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Aluminum die casting parts
216 Mitsubishi Electric Consumer Products, Healthcare (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Air conditioner
217 Mitsubishi Elevator Asia Co., Ltd. Japan Escalator, elevator
218 Mitsui Grinding Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Grinding wheel
219 Mitsuwa Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Chemical and plastic products
220 Miyazawa  Machine  (Thai) Co., Ltd. Japan Automatic robots, Insert Holder
221 MK. Machine Tech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Japan Automatic robots
222 Modern Cups Enterprise Co., Ltd. Taiwan Plastic products and related business
223 Molnlycke Health Care (Thailand) Ltd. Sweden Surgical gown
224 Molymer Polytec (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Blending mold compound
225 Monde Nissin (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Philippines Biscuits
226 Monexco International Ltd. Philippines Food and Snack Products
227 Moresco (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Industrial lubricants, graphite, die casting machine & parts
228 Nabtesco Power Control (Thailand)Co..Ltd. Japan Parts for Construction Machineries , Hydraulic excavator
229 Nagoya Yuka (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Sound insulation parts
230 Nakornchaiprakarn Chemical Co., Ltd. Thailand Rubber solvent, white spirit
231 Nambu Cyl (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Special cylinder
232 NBC (Asia) Co., Ltd. Japan Plastic paint products
233 Neis (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Copper ring, copper spool, copper rod
234 Newlong (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Machines
235 Nichidai(Thailand)Ltd. Japan PrecisionMetal Parts,Automobile Parts
236 Nifco (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Plastic resin
237 Niles (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Switch Parts for Automobile
238 Nippon Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Paint, thinner, CED, pretreatment
239 Nippon Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Paint products
240 Nishii Fine Press (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Optical parts
241 Wako Sangyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Japan Cassette mechanism, copy machine parts, CD/ VDO, automotive parts
242 Nissho Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Processing plastic and rubber
243 Nittan (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand Engine valve
244 Nitto Matex (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Engine valve
245 Nizza Plastics Co., Ltd. Thailand Plastic Film
246 NNR Global Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Logistics services
247 NSK Asia Pacific Technology Centre (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan R&D
248 NSK Bearings Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Automotive bearings
249 NTI (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Freight Forwarders-Engine Parts
250 Oerlikon Balzers Coating (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Switzerland Coatings
251 Ogawa Asia Co., Ltd. Japan Grille, emblem, back door
252 Ohtsuki Seiko (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Japan Metal Parts Products
253 Oishi Trading Co., Ltd. Thailand Beverages and Pet Bottles
254 Oizuru (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Plastic plating
255 Okamoto Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Logistic
256 Okumura Metals (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Metal pipes for air-conditioner
257 Oriental Copper Co., Ltd. Thailand Copper bus bar
258 Paxar (Thailand) Ltd. Hong Kong Garment, footwear
259 PCM Processing (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Service cutting
260 Pigeon Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Breast pad, baby wipes
261 PJT Technology Co., Ltd. Thailand Small power plant
262 Posco (Thailand) Co., Ltd. South Korea Short shaped sheet, narrow shaped sheet
263 Powerq and Saving Intania Co., Ltd. Thailand Lightning surge and grounding products
264 Pride-Chem Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Singapore password
265 Profreight International Co., Ltd. Thailand Logistics services
266 Raks Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  Thailand Aluminum part for motorcycles
267 Rent (Thailand)Co.,Ltd. Japan Service , Maintanance Industry Equipment
268 Rovithai Ltd. Netherlands Vitamin premix
269 Ryosan Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Heat sink
270 S.A. Precision Co., Ltd. Japan Printing
271 S.A.S. Property Co., Ltd. Thailand Ready-Made Factories for Lease or Sale
272 SAB & OH Thailand Co., Ltd. Japan Plastic resin processing
273 SAS Engineering Co.,Ltd. Thailand Warehouse 
274 Saga Fastener (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Bolt, stud
275 Saharath Plywood Co.,Ltd. Thailand Rubber wood furniture
276 Samdo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. South Korea Press & harness
277 Samu Dies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. South Korea Mold & die product
278 San-Ei (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Hard disk drive, magnet drive, other elec. components
279 San-Ei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan  
280 San-Ei Magnet Wire (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Magnet wire
281 Sankin (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Metal parts
282 Sankyu-Thai Co., Ltd., Amata Nakorn Freight Center Japan Warehouse, transportation service, logistics
283 Saraya Mfg. (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Soap
284 SB Coil Center (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Steel processing product
285 SeAH Precision Metal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. South Korea Steel pipes, fabrication of refrigeration parts, auto parts
286 Serm Suk Beverage Co., Ltd. Thailand Beverage
287 Serm Suk Public Company Ltd. USA Carbonate drinks
288 SEW-Eurodrive (Thailand) Ltd. Germany Motors, gear motor
289 Shikoku Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Factory automation machines
290 Shimohira Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Switch box, invertors box
291 Shinba Iron Works Corporation Co., Ltd.    
292 Shingo Wel-Tech Service Co.,Ltd. Japan Electrode  Product
293 Shinpack (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Steel case
294 Shiraishi (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Plastic parts for electrical 
295 Shiroki Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Automotive parts
296 ShowerKing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Thailand Shower doors, shower enclosures
297 Siam AT Industries Co., Ltd.                                                              Japan Disc brake, hub, knuckle steering, spindle wheel
298 Siam Calsonic Co., Ltd. Thailand Auto aluminum radiator
299 Siam City Concrete Co., Ltd. Thailand Concrete
300 Siam DENSO Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Japan Automotive part and components
301 Siam Hi - Tech Steel Center Co., Ltd. Japan Steel coil cutting service
302 Siam Hitachi Automotive Products Ltd. Thailand Alternator, starter, distributor
303 Siam Hitachi Elevator Co., Ltd. Japan Steel, metal
304 Siam Ito Engineering Co., Ltd. Japan Vacuum pump, rotary blower
305 Siam Keeper Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Japan Oil seals for automobiles, electrical components
306 Siam Kito Co., Ltd. Japan Crane
307 Siam Kubota Tractor Co.,Ltd. Japan Four wheel agricultural tractors
308 Siam Kyosan Denso Co., Ltd. Japan G2-Solenoid, pump module, pump unit
309 Siam NDK Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts
310 Siam NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. Japan Automotive Products
311 Siam Orient Electric Co., Ltd. Japan Magnetic contactor, terminal block, push button switch
312 Siam Riken Industrial Co., Ltd. Thailand Piston ring
313 Siam Sanpo Co., Ltd. Japan Aluminum parts
314 Siam Sanyo Kiki Co., Ltd.    
315 Siam Steri Services Co., Ltd. Japan Integrated sterilization service, gamma irradiation, ethyeneoxide sterilization
316 Siam Takahashi Corporation Co.,Ltd. Japan Recycle  business
317 Siam Tone Co., Ltd. Japan Boring machine
318 Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Japan Diesel and gasoline engines, cylinders
319 Sika (Thailand) Ltd. Switzerland Chemicals for construction
320 Skanem Bangkok Co., Ltd. Norway Printing labels for consumer products
321 SM-Cyclo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Geared motor & reducer
322 SNC Sound Proof Co., Ltd. Japan Resin felt, meld sheet
323 Sonoda (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Machine
324 Sony Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Car radio, tape player, CD changer
325 Specialty Biotech Co., Ltd. Thailand Yeast products
326 Specialty Natural Products Co., Ltd. Thailand Botanical extracts, chemical ingredients
327 Spiro Tech Supplies Co., Ltd. South Korea Shoe components
328 SP Thai Box Company Limited France Jewelly Box for export
329 SR Advanced Industries Co., Ltd. Thailand Glass furniture, safety glass
330 Srithai Superware PCL Thailand Plastic
331 Stanbee Asia Limited USA Themoplastic for sport shoes
332 St. Nosaka Asia Co., Ltd. Japan Plating System Products/ Machines
333 Sumisho Global Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand Dyestuffs and chemicals for textiles
334 Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Sintered metal products
335 Summit Chugoku Seira Co., Ltd. Thailand Automotive Parts
336 Summit E-Lead Electronic Co., Ltd. Taiwan Hand free kit, car multi media, consumer electric appliances
337 Summit Otsuka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts for motor and engines
338 Summit Rieter Nittoku Sound Proof Co., Ltd. Thailand Sound proof parts for automobiles
339 Sun Automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts
340 Suncall High Precision (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Electronic devices, communication devices
341 Sunchirin Industry (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Automotive air-conditioner components
342 Sunplac (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Diaper's covered film for babies
343 Sunprene (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan PVC compound
344 System Upgrade Solution Bkk Co., Ltd. Thailand Injection plastic, stainless steel, aluminum
345 T.S.K. Forging Co., Ltd. Japan Steel coil, cold forging parts, machining parts
346 T.S.K. Forging Co., Ltd. Japan Steel coil, cold forging parts, machining parts
347 T.W.Y. Co., Ltd. Japan Plastic parts
348 Taisho Seiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Japan Mold, parts for electronics
349 Taiyo Giken (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Functional parts of internal condition engine product
350 Takebe (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Auto parts
351 Tana Netting Co., Ltd. Netherlands Mosquito net
352 Tatung (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Taiwan TV Lcd
353 Tatung Wire and Cable (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Taiwan Magnet Copper Wire
354 Tayca (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan LAB
355 TBKK (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Oil and water pumps
356 Techno Tools (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Machinery
357 Technomeiji Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Malaysia Auto parts
358 Technoplas Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Automotive parts, appliance parts
359 Tenryu- Saw (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Japan Saw
360 TFO Tech  (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Forging parts, heat treatment
361 Thai Auto Conversion Co., Ltd. Thailand Auto parts
362 Thai Dai-Ichi Seiko Co., Ltd. Japan Components parts for hard disc drives, electronics parts, plastic automotive parts, plastic engineering parts
363 Thai Daizo Aerosol Co., Ltd. Japan Aerosol products, deodorant sprays
364 Thai Escorp  Japan Weldind, robot
365 Thai Excell Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Japan Automotive Plastic Parts
366 Thai Felt Co., Ltd. Japan Sound absorber, choke absorber material for automobile and electrical appliances
367 Thai Forging Part Co., Ltd. Thailand Plating 
368 Thai Iwaki Glass Co., Ltd. Japan Glass lens for automobiles, table ware
369 Thai Kikuwa Industries Co., Ltd. Japan Die casting for automobile, metal toy
370 Thai Kikuwa Industries Co., Ltd. Japan Die casting for automobile, metal toy
371 Thai Lotte Co.,Ltd. Japan Food and Beverage Products
372 Thai Luster Products Co., Ltd. Thailand Electrical wire
373 Thai Maruma Tokai Co., Ltd. Japan Machinery
374 Thai Matto NS Co., Ltd. Japan Color & compound plastic for electric
375 Thai Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. Japan Instrument panel for automobiles
376 Thai Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. Japan Speed meter
377 Thai Nishiken Co., Ltd. Thailand Scaffold
378 Thai NOK Co., Ltd. Japan Oil seals
379 Thai NOK Co., Ltd.     
380 Thai Obayashi Corporation Ltd. Japan Construction
381 Thai Plus Electronics Co., Ltd.  Taiwan Electronics
382 Thai Prex Engineering Co.,Ltd. Thailand Robot
383 Thai Sadakari Co., Ltd. Japan Furniture
384 Thai Seat Belt Co., Ltd. Japan Seat belt
385 Thai Sekisui Foam Co., Ltd. Japan Foam PE
386 Thai Special Gas Co., Ltd. Japan Gas distribution
387 Thai Steel Cable Public Co.,  Ltd. Thailand  
388 Thai Steel Pipe Industry Co., Ltd Japan Steel pipe
389 Thai Summit PKK Bangpakong Co., Ltd. Thailand Frame for pick-up trucks, ED painting, stamping
390 Thai Tanazawa Hakkosha Co., Ltd. Japan Mold
391 Thai Thanee Chemical Co., Ltd. Thailand Chemical
392 Thai Tohken Thermo Co., Ltd. Japan Heat treatment
393 Thai Tohken Thermo Co., Ltd. Japan Heat treatment
394 Thai Toyo Foam Eastern Co., Ltd. Thailand Foam products
395 Thai Ui-Seiken Co., Ltd. Japan Mold & press
396 Thai Whetron Electronics Co., Ltd. Thailand Automotive products, electronic products
397 Thai Yukilon Co., Ltd. Japan Foam
398 Thai-Ishe Automotive Rubber Craft Co., Ltd. Jordan Auto parts
399 Thai-Japan Gas Co., Ltd. Japan Industrial gas
400 Three Bond Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Adhesive materials
401 TI Automotive (Thailand) Ltd. UK Fuel system
402 TI Automotive ROH (Thailand) Ltd. UK Regional headquarters
403 Tire Mold (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Mold for tires
404 TOACS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Weather strips, window, roof, molding
405 Tohpe (Thailand) Corporation Ltd. Japan Paint
406 Tokai Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Japan Plastic injection
407 Tokai Rika Asia Co., Ltd. Japan  
408 Tong Heer Fasteners (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Malaysia Stainless steel fastener Products
409 Topy Fasteners (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Neck band, washer, hoses clamp, core clamp
410 Totem Industry Co., Ltd. Japan Elbow part of insulation pipe cover
411 Toyo Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Electronics supply to Electric Company
412 Toyoda Gosei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Steering wheels, plastic
413 Toyoda Gosei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Steering wheels, plastic
414 Toyoda Gosei Asia Co., Ltd. Japan Automotive safety
415 Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Warehouse, transportation service
416 Toyota Tsusho Folklift (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Folklift
417 Transitions Optical (Thailand) Ltd. USA Photo chromic ophthalmic lenses
418 Trimotive Asia Pacific Ltd. Australia Auto parts
419 Triumph Aviation Services Asia, Ltd. USA Aerospace repair and overhaul facility
420 Triumph Motorcycles (Thailand) Co., Ltd. UK Motorcycle component
421 Triumph Motorcycles (Thailand) Co., Ltd. UK Motorcycle component
422 TRW Fuji Serina Co., Ltd. USA Valve for automobiles
423 Tsubakimoto Automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Timing drive system
424 Tsuchiya (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Plastic film printing
425 TT Fuji Tool Support Co., Ltd. Japan Cutting tools
426 TTK Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Japan Logistics
427 Tungaloy Cutting Tool (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Cutting tools
428 TWT Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Taiwan Travel bag
429 T.Y.M. Co., Ltd. Japan  
430 United Coil Center Co., Ltd. Japan Coil, steel
431 United Excel Chemical Co., Ltd. Malaysia Chemical
432 Usui International Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. Japan Brake tubes, fuel tubes
433 Valeo Siam Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. Japan Car/ bus air-conditioner
434 Vandapac Co., Ltd. Thailand Plastic
435 Vantec World Transport (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Logistic
436 VIA Logistics Co., Ltd. Japan Logistic
437 VIA Logistics Co., Ltd. Japan  
438 Viscount Plastic (Thailand) Ltd. Australia Rigid plastic packaging products
439 Vuteq Thai Co., Ltd. Japan Fixtures & molds for producing automotive glass
440 Vuteq Thai Co., Ltd. Japan Steel case, fabricated metal, jig, belt conveyor
441 Walbro (Thailand) Co., Ltd. USA Calibrator
442 Walker Exhaust (Thailand) Co., Ltd.    
443 Wara Micro Circuit Co., Ltd. Thailand Printed circuit board manufacturer
444 Woodland Ink Co., Ltd. Thailand Printing ink
445 World Sibo-Tech Co. Ltd. Japan Mold maintenance service
446 Xaloy Asia (Thailand) Ltd. USA Barrel, screw
447 Y.M.P. (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Press installation & maintenance, electrical engineering, machine tools installation & maintenance
448 Y.M.P. (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Press installation & maintenance, electrical engineering, machine tools installation & maintenance
449 Y.M.P. Press & Dies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Press processing, sheet metal parts, die & jig making
450 Y.M.P. Tools (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Design and manufacture cutting tools
451 Yahagi (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Japan Charging and starting system parts for automobile plastic
452 Yamakoh  Precision  Co., Ltd. Japan Plastic injection
453 Yarnapund Daizo Co., Ltd. Thailand Electric and auto parts
454 Yongsawad Construction Product Co., Ltd. Thailand Construction Material
455 Yuan Deng Industrial Co., Ltd. Taiwan Computer case
456 Yushiro (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Japan Metal working oils and fluids products
457 Zicom  Cesco  Engineering Co.,Ltd. Singapore Concrete mixers and recycling machine products
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