CSR, Sustainability


"The government has announced the policy to transform Thailand toward Thailand 4.0, which is a value-based economic model driven by innovation, to help Thailand economy to expand firmly, prosperously and sustainable. Consequentially, the government stipulated policy to develop Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) covering Chonburi, Rayong and Chachoengsao provinces, with the objective to speed up every preparation for investment and expansion to make EEC area the best and
most modern economic area in ASEAN. These policies posed a serious challenge to Amata Corporation Public Company Limited to accelerate development and expand business opportunity together with social and environmental responsibility. The Company, therefore, has established
a business policy to transform business development to achieve the company sustainability and in response to the government policy. The Company would convert from being industrial estate developer supporting traditional industrial production to become Smart City developer and would develop new projects to support the Smart City such as Science City project, EduTown project and MediTown project with intention to raise the bar of research and development of Thailand science and
technology. The Company also aimed to develop new environmental-friendly industry with high technology and innovation to replace the production-based industry. These development projects would increase capability and competitiveness of the country and create sustainable development in the area of research and development. As the Company realized that achievement and business sustainability must come with good governance, responsibility to all stakeholders and environmental concerns, the company gave precedence to waste and air pollution management as well as the development of quality of life of the community and society. The Company, therefore, initiated several projects such as Eco-Industrial Estate development with environmental-friendly infrastructure and utility design, environmental management and energy management, and green area expansion in Amata’s industrial estates, etc. The Company also created new projects and activities for customers in the industrial estates to jointly enhance the society and community around the estate with the Company. The combined forces would propel the projects and activities to achieve higher effectiveness."


By Vikrom Kromadit, Acting CEO Amata Corporation PCL., Sustainability Report