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Integrated Waste Management aspiring Zero Landfill

Mar 20th, 2017

Amata places high importance on industrial and solid waste management and disposal in the
industrial estate. An increasing number of customers affects an increasing number of waste; proper waste management is therefore crucial to avoid illegal dumping of waste or the low-cost landfill, which affects the environment and eco-system.
Since the early years of Amata, we have initiated the waste management services using zero landfill concept. We set up our own waste collecting and sorting plant at Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate to support non-hazardous industrial waste and general waste management. Once waste is separated, non-recyclable waste will be sent to the production plant of refuse derived fuel (RDF) or alternative fuel products for co-processing in the cement kiln. In 2016, Amata achieved waste to landfill of less than 2% of the total waste.


Amata encourages its factories to participate in the efforts. For the past three years, the company organized a Best Waste Management Award honoring companies for efficiently managing waste by applying the 3Rs concept: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. The competition has helped to build up a network among manufacturers where knowledge and experience are shared.