Smart Innovation

Amata Network Company is already servicing ICT businesses operating at Amata Nakorn in Chonburi. Established in December 2016, the company, a joint-venture between Amata Corporation PCL. and Advanced Broadband Network Co., Ltd., completed construction in June of an underground fiber-optic network at Amata Nakorn and received its operations license in July. The network is designed by using FTTx concept to support Internet Service Providers and system integrators, as well as mobile phone operators. FTTx (Fiber To The ‘x’, or to the last mile) design uses optical fiber to replace conventional networks, from a central office to the end-users, where it is categorized according to where the optical fiber connection ends. If placed underground it guarantees almost zero-failure. At Amata, the distribution of underground fiber-optic cables covers the whole estate, so each of the approximately 700 companies operating at Amata Nakorn can actually request their providers to switch to this state-of- the-art cabling.

Over 17 ISP & mobile operators, servicing some 300 companies within Amata, have already switched over to Amata Network’s fiber-optic systems since starting operations. The servers are located at Amata Service Center, and backup is guaranteed by Symphony Communication, located at Amata’s own Data Center Park. Power for the Amata Network is provided by Amata B.Grimm power plants from within the estate. On the long run, the new joint-venture business will support Amata’s goal to turn the industrial estate into a smart city by providing smart solutions with regards to surveillance and security of public areas, measurement and data collection of resources and utilities, the overall improvement of communication, and more.