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Amata Water Company Welcomes Collaborative Office on Strategic Water Management

Oct 22nd, 2020

Amata Water Company Managing Director Chuchat Saitin recently welcomed Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sucharit Koonthanakunwong, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Social Strategic Plan (Spearhead), Water Management Program of the Collaborative Office on Strategic Water Management, along with other delegates.

Mr. Saitin gave a special presentation on Amata’s system of water management, which is based on the Circular Economic principles that making efficient use of natural resources. Known as The Three R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), it serves as a prototype for industrial estates in the new Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) area and nationally.

Amata's treatment plants are considered a wastewater recycling prototype for the entire country. Every day, they collect and treat 35,700 cubic meters of wastewater, or 13 million cubic meters per year. Current facilities reclaim water using a Reverse Osmosis Membrane (RO) filtration system, reducing the demand for fresh water by 40 percent.

Wastewater is used to irrigate green spaces and for cooling at private power plants. No wastewater flows into public canals or natural watersheds.

Picture: Chuchat Saitin, Managing Director, Amata Water Company