The New Face of AMATA

Jan 18th, 2018

Amata specializes in planning, developing, managing, and marketing integrated industrial cities to serve an international clientele constituting over a thousand customers. Since its early years, Amata has embraced a “Perfect City” concept, representing our journey to create industrial cities equipped with the services, facilities, and infrastructure needed to meet the demands of a continually changing business world.

The word Amata means “Eternity” in Sanskrit. Since its establishment in 1989, Amata has never changed its direction and stayed true to its commitment to continually improve and develop to the better. Amata seeks harmonious relationships based on fairness and respect, achieving an “All Win” result for all our stakeholders.

Amata has set a target of becoming a leading smart city in Thailand and the wider region, in order to promote sustainable and energy-efficient work environments within our cities, as well as environmentally harmonious living arrangements. The smart-city concept also includes new methods of encouraging innovation, knowledge, technology, and creativity. This highly dynamic progress opens up endless possibilities, making the planned smart city a major component of Amata’s plans for continued expansion and growth in the region.

In this era of increasing digital communication and economic convergence and integration, we felt that our logo needed a facelift to better represent our vision, mission, and values (see AMATA new corporate logo above):

  • the classic AMATA letters got a makeover to look more modern and prominent
  • we removed the mechanical gear to avoid industrial and analog connotations, signaling our digital capacity and comprehensive range of services
  • we added what we call a progressive line to represent the constant evolution of Amata in all its facets and the expansion of our boundaries
  • we changed our tagline to “Possibilities Happen”

We are reinforcing on our core ideas and values. Our vision statement is:

Creating perfect cities where possibilities happen

And our mission statement is:

“We are committed to creating a culture of ‘All Win’ for our stakeholders by expanding new frontiers and exploring innovation to build a Smart City for an enriched quality of life”