Over 20 Years Amata in Vietnam - the Vietnam Journey

In 1994, Amata City in Bien Hoa, near Ho Chi Minh City, was established, offering a choice for companies wanting lower labor costs, as well as serving as second leg in case the Thai market becomes saturated.

At that time, Amata Nakorn was already establised for eight years. Following the success of industrial estate business in Thailand, Vikrom Kromadit was ambitious to find ways for expanding his business abroad he was already becoming specialized in. His very first trip to Vietnam was in 1991, motived to discover this country, which was introduced to him by Mr. Tanaka, back then the General Manager of Itochu Corporation Representative Office in Hanoi. He accompanied Mr. Tanaka on a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Hanoi and Haiphong to understand the environment, geography, culture, traditions and lifestyles of Vietnam. He was overhelmed by the hospitaliy and friendly welcome he received throughout places, and the interest Vietnamese leaders expressed on the possibility of establishing an industrial park in Vietnam.

Vikrom spent almost four years in studying to ensure that it is viable to establish a new Amata in Vietnam. 





The infrastructure of an industrial estate is similar to that of a military base, therefore, the  infrastructure left behind by the US military at this site fit very well with the industrial business to be developed.

In addition, the land level was 40-50 meters above mean sea level, situated on the main National Highway No.1, only 33 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, the airport and the seaport. Water supplies were abundant and electricity quite adequate.

Amata City Bien Hoa quickly became a top choice for foreign investors by offering not ony the most strategic location but also reliable utilities supply and well managed facilities, including reinforced concrete roads, and its own power and waste water treatment plants.

Led by vision and foresight and with a business concept adding comprehensive support services to the industrial estate, Amata City Bien Hoa has also strongly contributed to the social and economic development of Bien Hoa and Dong Nai.

Newest project is the Amata Commercial Complex at prime location right alongside National Highway, to feature residential, hotels, banking, international schools, clinics, sports & leisure inclusive Amata Square, a public park for outdoor activities, recreation and relaxation.

(1) Picture and information credit to Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Bình_war





Finally in 1995, Amata’s first industrial park overseas and the first Thai industrial park in Dong Nai was established. A joint-venture between Amata and Vietnamese state enterprise Sonadezi, with an initial investment of US$ 40 Million. With the great support of the local partners, Amata obtained the Investment License on the very last day of 1994 (31st December 1994).

The site chosen in Long Binh, Dong Nai was a perfect location. The land has a history of once being a US military base during the Vietnam War. The base served as a logistics center, a U.S. Army base, as well as, a major command headquarters for United States Army in Vietnam (USARV). It is the largest U.S. Army base in Vietnam at that time, with a peak of 60,000 personnel in 1969.(1)