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Water is an important utility for manufacturers, with quality and supply both being crucial factors. Supply is often a concern in Thailand. Although the country has a monsoon season when it rains heavily, there is also a dry season when it may not rain for weeks or even months. This often creates critical water shortages throughout the country.

Amata understands the importance of water and the need to supply its clients with a reliable and constant supply. To address this issue, Amata has established a subsidiary, Amata Water to manage the sourcing, treatment and supplying of quality water. To meet demands during periods of shortage, with 14 million cubic meter reservoir at Amata Nakorn and a 3.5 million cubic meter reservoir at Amata City. Amata Water is also responsible for treating and disposing of contaminated wastewater. The company subscribes to the concept of 'zero waste discharge'. This means that all wastewater at the Amata estates is recycled and used for cleaning and greening common areas in the estates and for cooling purposes at Amata's power plants. In Vietnam, treated water is supplied by the Dong Nai Water Supply Company from the Dong Nai River with a capacity of 30,000 cubic meters per day. Wastewater is treated at a capacity of 4,000 cubic meters per day at facilities operated by Amata within the estate.

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