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Every business needs a home and if you are looking for a place to set up or expand your manufacturing base in Southeast Asia, Amata provides the answer.

Established in 1989, Amata is a world’s leading private developer and operator of industrial real estate sites, or as we call them ‘industrial cities’.

We specialize in the planning, developing, managing, and marketing these industrial estates. The company strives not only to provide a location for businesses, but to create integrated cities with dedicated utilities, infrastructure and facilities and a range of services. You can find a range of options for land acquisition and factory builds, depending on the country, including our own rental factories and warehouses for an easy start-up.


Projects & Several More
In Planning

Thailand, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Myanmar


Over 150 sq.km. Of
Developed Land

Combined Over All Locations


Over 1,400 Factory & Commercial Outlets

Combined Over All Locations


Over 350,000 People Working

Combined Over All Locations



In the Group

AMATA Sustainability

AMATA is determined to grow it business and socio-economy together with good coexistence between the industries and surrounding communities on the basis of responsibility to natural resources and environmental preservation. As large industrial cities consume a lot of resources by nature, it thus directly and indirectly causes both positive and negative impacts on the economy, society and environment. Therefore, the Company has been operating strictly according to the “ALL WIN” philosophy which focuses on creating value to its stakeholders, along with the Company’s business growth.

Enhancing Circular Economy and Responsible Consumption

Using resources efficiently and responsible on natural resource consumption in accordance with Circular Economy Concept

Strive for Clean Energy Towards Low Carbon City

Building capability to cope with climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing greenhouse gas absorption in company activities, and increasing the proportion of renewable energy consumption

Innovating for the Future Industries

Supporting and promoting creativity and innovation to enhance the Company’s capability and create more value.

Creating Value for Society

Promoting the involvement of direct stakeholders and responding to issues, needs, and expectations effectively in accordance with the ALL WIN business philosophy

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