AMATA Sustainable Development Structure

The Company gave most importance to the whole organization’s participation in corporate sustainability development and appointed everyone, including the board of directors, top management, and all employees, to be part of driving economic, social, and environmental sustainability development as well as creating awareness and enhancing a strong sustainability culture in the Company that is conducive to achieve its corporate sustainability. The Company believes that its visionary and responsible board of directors and top management, who lead good governance and efficient, transparent management, as well as executives and employees with awareness of and responsibility for any impacts on all stakeholders, will bring continuous sustainable development for the industry and society at large.

To drive sustainable development, the Company has a sustainable development structure under the supervision of the Corporate Governance Committee as follows:

The Company has established the AMATA Sustainable Development Committee, comprising of management from the departmental level and above, and the AMATA Sustainable Development Working Committee consists of representatives from all departments of the Company and its subsidiaries. The Chief Executive Officer supervises and monitors the activities of both committees in order to drive strategies and initiatives geared towards the corporate sustainability.

The Company’s actions for driving sustainable development divided into three levels, covering its operations in the economy, society, and environment. The Company has taken into account internal and external risk factors, global trends, and mega-forces that may affect the Company and stakeholders. Additionally, the Company has considered stakeholders’ needs and expectations when setting targets, developing strategies, and creating plans to respond efficiently to material sustainability topics.

Roles and duties of the AMATA Sustainable Development Committee

Board of Director

  • Establish the sustainable development policies, sustainability framework, strategies and targets covering economic, social, environmental and governance aspects.

  • Oversee and provide advices and directions in appropriate responses to material topics and stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

Sustainable Development Committee

  • Implement the corporate sustainability policies and strategies to achieve the set goals and targets.

  • Monitor ESG performance and work progress.

  • The Chairman of the Sustainable Development Committee reports the Company’s ESG performance to the Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Governance Committee, and Board of Directors on a regular basis.

Sustainable Development Working Committee

  • Revisit and assess the sustainability factors in all aspects covering economic, social, environmental, and governance.

  • Conduct the materiality determination process.

  • Initiate the projects and guidelines to respond to material topics in all aspects.

  • Deploy the Company’s policies, objectives and strategies as well as sustainable development knowledge to all staff across the Company and support the operation in every aspect.

  • Follow up on the progress of project implementation and performance evaluation and data of the projects.

  • Prepare annual sustainability report.

Sustainable Development Policy

The Company is determined to develop both our business and the Thai economy while balancing the coexistence of the industrial sector and surrounding communities strictly on the fundamentals of social and environmental responsibility.

As our large industrial estate consumes a lot of natural resources, it thus directly and indirectly causes both positive andnegative impacts on the economy, society, environment, and human rights, either now or likely to happen in the future. Therefore, the Company announced a “Sustainable Development Policy” to demonstrate our commitment and use as our business conduct guideline in accordance with the “ALL WIN” philosophy, which is a foundation for stable and sustainable growth as follows:

Boost Business Value with Innovation and Quality

Put a focus on service and work process improvement and encourage innovation and new business development that are profitable for the Company and its stakeholders.

Accountable to all Stakeholders

Conduct business while minimizing or eliminating negative impacts on stakeholders, both directly and indirectly. Strive to manage all aspects of risk in compliance with international standards and create sustainable benefits for all stakeholders.

Good Corporate Governance

Conduct business with integrity and fairness, as well as with legal compliance and good business ethics. Also promote anti-corruption and compliance with human rights principles to maximize fair benefits to stakeholders.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Promote the most efficient use of natural resources and encourage innovation and new business development that reduce operations’ impact on society and the environment. Create employee awareness of social and environmental responsibility.

The Company has regularly reviewed and improved its policies, management standards, and practices related to social and environmental issues. It has also promoted process innovation and new businesses development to prevent and minimize negative impacts on stakeholders, society, and the environment. This approach aims to create a balanced and sustainable value for all stakeholders in accordance with the “ALL WIN” philosophy. 

Strengthening and supporting the Company’s sustainable development through the enhancement of corporate culture is one of the important factors for the Company. Therefore, the Company has instilled values, behaviors, and attitudes through “AMATA DNA”, which is the Company’s corporate culture consisting of 5 principles: Dependable, Responsive, Innovative, Visionary, and Efficient, to be the foundation for leading the Company to grow steadily and sustainably.

The Company has applied the Creating Shared Value principle to ensure a balanced approach that benefits all stakeholders. As a result, it has leveraged this approach to enhance its projects and business activities, generating value for the Company while also solving social and environmental problems and creating benefits for stakeholders.

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