AMATA Group Hosts Press Event: Recognizing Media Partners and Introducing Executive Team

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AMATA extended heartfelt appreciation to the media at an event “An Evening of Thanks” while introducing a strong team of key executives across all its business units, dedicated to fostering growth in both local and regional industrial estates, committed to the “All Win” business philosophy.

AMATA Corporation Public Company Limited, under the leadership of Chairman and Chief Executive Mr. Vikrom Kromadit, together with its group affiliates and subsidiaries, hosted an appreciation event for both local and international media partners. The event served as an opportunity to strengthen ties with the media community and express gratitude for their continued support in sharing information about the company and promoting Thailand as a prime investment destination, bolstering its global reputation.

A focus of the event was to introduce the group's executives from various domestic and international business units to esteemed members of the press. Executives briefly presented their roles and responsibilities, providing insights into their respective areas of expertise.

Under the theme of "Outlook 2024," the company briefly outlined its projections for the upcoming year, anticipating positive results driven by a favorable investment climate and a heightened focus on sustainability excellence. This aligns with AMATA's core philosophy of 'All Win,' which prioritizes mutual success across environmental, social, and economic domains.

Thank you for coming, dear members of the press!

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