Smart City Collaboration with Sweden gets a boost

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On 2nd June 2017, AMATA Chairman Dr. Surin Pitsuwan paid a visit to Sweden Smart City “Hammarby Sjöstad” (Hammarby Lake City) in Stockholm to boost smart city collaboration between Thailand and Sweden. Dr. Surin was specially hosted by SAAB Group, a Swedish manufacturer of fighter jets.

Following the successful visit to Yokohama Smart City last month, Amata's Chairman picked up momentum to boost collaboration between AMATA Smart City and Sweden Smart City.
Amata, the largest private Industrial Cities developer in Thailand, is transforming its 42km2 industrial city located in Chonburi into a "Smart City" with state-of-the-art technology, renewable energy, energy efficient infrastructure and sustainable environmental management.

"One of the value-leaping strategy under Thailand 4.0 strategy is to create Smart Cities in Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). AMATA Smart City is centrally located within EEC. Amata chooses the top ten smart cities around the world to pair with, we are contributing in a concrete way to Thailand 4.0 efforts. The Smart Aerospace city is also one of the key themes in our Smart City framework." said the Chairman, who is also the immediate past Secretary-General of ASEAN.

“Hammarby Sjöstad is Stockholm’s most successful case of New Generation Smart and Sustainable Urban Eco-Districts which presents a model of sustainability by converting an industrial area into a modern and eco-friendly district. The meeting with SAAB Management also creates an opportunity to explore collaboration with SAAB in Thailand for both Smart City and Aerospace city projects”, he emphasizes.

“With increasing numbers of Gripen Fighter planes being used in the ASEAN region, and additional Gripen aircraft to the Royal Thai Airforce, there is a potential need for an ASEAN Training and MRO establishment in Thailand. SAAB also sees potential for cooperation with Amata regarding Smart Cities” said Senior Advisor of SAAB Group, Mr. Arne Heden.  
The purpose of Amata’s chairman trip is to explore the smart city collaboration and understand the good practice from one of the most successful case of New Generation of Smart and Sustainable Urban Eco-Districts “Hammarby Sjöstad”. This will give Amata a leading edge in transforming urban/industrial areas in Thailand and ASEAN into being more efficient, sustainable, competitive and livable production bases.

The Hammarby Sjöstad new city district is a comprehensive infrastructure project that might be replicated in other cities and demonstrates how high environmental targets can be met through the use of a well-developed master plan, high levels of initial investment in infrastructure, and a focus on environmentally-friendly housing and a high-quality living environment. The project will have approximately 11,500 apartments and potentially 36,000 people will live and work within the area.

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