Amata Corporation inked MOU with Thailand's Ministry of Energy

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In line with Thailand Government's Eastern Economic Corridor initiative and Thailand 4.0 policy; Amata Corporation PCL, Thailand's leading Industrial City Developer has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Energy Policy & Planning Office, Ministry of Energy to spearhead the development of Smart City in Amata Nakorn located in Chonburi province. The key developmental aspects of the MOU includes 1) Smart Energy 2) Smart Mobility 3) Smart Community 4) Smart Environment 5) Smart Economy 6) Smart Building 7) Smart Governance and 8) Smart Innovation.

To support Thailand Government's policy in Smart City, Amata will be working with international partners to execute Amata Smart City development plan using the PPP model. Example of key projects in progress include 100MW Solar PV Rooftop project with Stumpf Energy from Europe, Smart Traffic monitoring with AAPICO ITS Co. Ltd from Thailand, Smart Factories with Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation from Japan, Smart Home project with leading Japanese technology partners, Smart Innovation (Amata Science City) with JAPANESE Consortium, Smart Education with KinderWorld from Singapore, Smart Aerospace City and Edutown (Amata College).

"Amata is actually a natural partner for Thailand's Ministry of Energy in our common vision for Smart Cities," said Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, Chairman of Amata Corporation.

"Any new initiative will need a concrete modality to implement it in actual and pragmatic environment. Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate is ideal for this endeavor. We are able and prepared to help bring this great vision of Smart City into reality," the Chairman of Amata Corp. reiterated.

AMATA, the most preferred industrial city by leading multinationals corporations from more than 31 countries currently contributes to 10% of Thailand GDP, exceeding US$40billion worth of output annually and provided more than 200,000 jobs. With the Smart City development, AMATA aims to increase their clients base by 50%, increase the use of renewable energy in the estates by 50% and provide additional 100,000 jobs in the estates.

“AMATA is ready to transform to Thailand's leading Smart City. Our Smart City adopts an 'ALL WIN' philosophy, we strongly support Thailand Government EEC and Thailand 4.0 policy (Government Wins). AMATA clients can operate more efficiently in a Smart City (Foreign Investor Wins). AMATA's Green and Zero Waste discharge policy creates sustainable social and environment (Environment Wins). I strongly believe this MOU with EPPO will create a good 'All Win' model for other smart city projects in Thailand which transform ideas into reality” said Mr. Vikrom Kromadit, Chief Executive Officer of AMATA Corporation PCL.

Air Chief Marshal Dr. Prajin Juntong, Deputy Prime Minister, revealed after witnessing the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding "Driving the Smart City" between the Ministry of Energy By the Office of Energy Policy and Planning (AMP) and Amata Corporation PCL (AMATA) It conforms to the reform framework of the country. National strategy The Ministry of Energy is moving ahead with the Energy 4.0 policy. One of the key measures is the driving force and the development of intelligent cities. Together with the private sector, Amata wants to develop a balanced and sustainable project area. Both in terms of economic development, quality of life and the green environment. This is in line with government policies.

General Anantaporn Kanchanarat, Energy Minister, disclosed that the government has set Thailand 4.0 policy to reform the economic structure of Thailand. Focus on driving the economy with innovation. To create a value-oriented economy. Ministry of Energy It plans to drive the country's energy sector with the Energy 4.0 policy in line with government policies. The goal is to generate income for the people and the country.

The drive is divided into two levels: the national level will focus on driving the country's energy innovation. To be more modern and to enhance the competitiveness in the global market. By promoting research and development on energy. To increase the country's energy business to grow. And community / community level Will focus on making money. And reduce expenditures for people and communities. Through the public project. Social Support Implementation of Community Energy Projects And the promotion of energy in small and medium business (SME)

Smart City is another measure of the importance of Energy 4.0. Because it can reduce the demand for energy. And reduce the maximum power consumption is very high. It can also drive national energy innovation. Increasing competitiveness in global markets. Make money in Thailand 4.0.

The Ministry of Energy and Amata agreed to drive and develop the Smart City to achieve the results of studies and guidelines for upgrading spatial development. Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate is a genius city in the Ministry of Energy. Will cooperate in giving suggestions for guidelines. Implementation of the project in line with Energy Ministry's Energy 4.0 guidelines. And sharing knowledge and experience from a team of specialists from Yokohama Smart City, Japan, in cooperation with Amata. To apply to drive and develop the city of genius in Thailand.

Dr. Twarath Sutabutr, the director of the EPPO and the spokesman of the Ministry of Energy, said that the EPA recognizes the importance of developing the city as a city of genius. Supports the growth of the city. Intelligent cities are an integral part of sustainable development. With the form of integration. Urban planning Utility System Intelligence Technology To develop the city into a green value chain. To have a good quality of life Have good bliss Promote efficient use of energy while reducing resource consumption. Make a better environment. In addition to the umbrella of immortality, the EPP has implemented the Smart Cities-Clean Energy project and launched the project in 2016 to enable the relevant agencies to learn, accept and adapt. Towards the direction of urban development genius. This will have an impact on energy and environment. And sustainable development

In collaboration with Amata, this will be a learning experience. Exchange information And study / research results The EPA also nominated Amata for the APEC Low-Carbon Model Town project under the Energy Working Group. To be a prototype city for the development of other low carbon cities, it is currently under consideration by the Board. If Amata is selected for the project, it will be supported in the field of data analysis, expert advice. And financial support from APEC, which will further promote Amata's intelligent urban development.

Mr. Vikrom Kromadit, Chief Executive Officer of AMATA, the leader in industrial estate development in Thailand and Vietnam, said: The cooperation is a public private partnership (PPP) with the goal of developing Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate. Chonburi province Is a perfect genius city To contribute to the development of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) which defines development areas in Rayong, Chonburi and Chachoengsao. It is one of the mechanisms to propel Thailand 4.0.

The content of this memorandum covers the development of the following key areas: 1) Intelligent Energy Smart 2) Smart Mobility 3) Intelligent Community Smart Community 4) Intelligent Environment Smart Environment 5) Smart Economy 6) Intelligent Building Smart Building 7) Smart Governance and 8) Smart Innovation Smart Innovation

Amata is ready to step into. Intelligent city of the country under the concept of ALL WIN, ready to support EEC and Thailand 4.0 to provide entrepreneurs in the industrial estate. Has the ability to produce products efficiently. Along with social and environmental development.

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