Amata Industrial Cities Vietnam - was commenced in 1994, providing you with 26+ years of experience. Our projects are located in strategic ideal locations of North and South Vietnam, giving easy access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and standards.

Why Vietnam?

Top ASEAN Country

in the recruitment of Foreign Direct Investment

High GDP Growth Rate
Gross Domestic Product growth rate during 2000 – 2019 was constantly above 5 percent, World Bank forecasts a GDP growth of 5.5 percent in 2022
Trade Agreements
Vietnam is part of various free trade agreements
Young & Diligent Workforce
Young and diligent workforce of over 56 million people of a total population of 97 million people with median age of 31.9 years
Major Infrastructure Projects
Major infrastructure projects to improve logistics and connectivity with key infrastructure

Growing Middle Class

Stable Social and Political Environment

Competitive Labor Cost

Investment Incentives

Industrial parks (IPs) are defined areas that were granted with an investment certificate registration approved by the government (Ministry of Planning and Investment) for the manufacturing of goods and provision of services for manufacturing. Companies setting up their manufacturing facilities inside an industrial park may preferential policies such as corporate income tax exemption and tax reductions.

An economic zone (EZ) is a specifically defined region in Vietnam characterized by an investment scheme of a local or regional government administration serving to promote investments in specific areas, such as industry, tourism, residential etc. Industrial parks can be in an Economic Zone and investors in these IPs may enjoy additional tax incentives. Vietnam has 18 Economic Zones in 17 provinces, and close to 400 established industrial parks in the country.

Tax Incentive Timeline

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