AMATA's Commitment to Environmental Sustainability through Community Tree Planting Activities

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At AMATA, our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is at the core of our operations, guided by the 'All Win' philosophy that emphasizes equitable success for all stakeholders and harmonious co-existence with the environment. Annually, we plan activities under the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda, involving our stakeholders, such as communities and the working population at AMATA’s industrial sites.

One highly anticipated activity is the annual tree planting event, usually scheduled during the rainy season from June to October. These events take place in designated 'green' areas within our parks that lack trees, ensuring our sites remain as green as possible.

Our tree planting calendar aligns with global observances like World Environment Day in June and National Tree Care Day in October, highlighting our commitment to these events and dedication to preserving and caring for our environment.

Additionally, we pay tribute to the birthdays of Thailand’s Royal Family in June, July, and August, reflecting their commitment to environmental conservation.

Tree planting is a beloved tradition across private and public sectors nationwide. Over a decade, our CSR teams in Chonburi and Rayong have orchestrated these activities, resulting in the planting of nearly 270,000 trees.

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Photo: Employees proudly step out of their workspaces to participate in the tree-planting activity

Despite the effort involved, participants take pride in contributing to a positive cause. Ms. Jariya Homkrun, CSR Senior Department Manager at AMATA Thailand, notes, 'Whenever we engage our customers in tree planting activities, we sense this special joy and excitement of each and every one to have the chance to step out of the factory and plant a tree.'

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Photo: Ms. Jariya Homkrun, CSR Senior Department Manager at AMATA Thailand, joins the project “Let’s Zero Together” alongside the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, to jointly plant mangrove trees

Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends into the future, with ongoing plans to expand green spaces annually. This serves as both a highly anticipated CSR activity and part of the company’s 'green heart and mind' initiative, aiming to transform as much space as possible into green areas to address the global challenge of climate change and create a pleasant park experience.

We invite you to experience the 'greenest' industrial estate in Thailand by visiting AMATA.

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