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Amata Friendship Sport

Mar 20th, 2017

Sports are coming on strong at both of Amata's Thai estates again this year, thanks to workers' love of football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, sepak takraw, table tennis and petanque. Football is the most popular sport, and Amata's leagues are probably the largest corporate games in Thailand with 230 men soccer teams and 14 female soccer teams in 2016.

Amata Friendship Sport has been organized since 2001 with games and competition arranged annually during March to August. The objective is to promote unity and sportsmanship, offering quality time for good health and promote a drug-free society. Amata's sporty initiative strengthens the relationship between the company and participating customers, all operating at Amata's industrial estates. As the table shows, the interest in the competition has always been on the rise. Besides corporate play, there are sports for employees and kids at Amata estates, like swimming, badminton etc. at school facilities with junior competitions taking place, supported in pat by Amata. And, employees enjoy the green belts around reservoirs for walking and jogging.