Embracing Tradition: AMATA's Heartfelt Engagement in Songkran Festivities

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Also known as the Songkran Festival, the Thai New Year or Water Festival is one of the most anticipated holidays in the country, marked by joyous celebrations and cherished family gatherings.
Derived from Sanskrit, "Songkran" signifies the entry of the sun into a new sign of the Zodiac, marking Thai New Year's Day. April 13, known as Maha Songkran Day, symbolizes the conclusion of the old year, followed by Wan Nao on April 14, and Wan Thaloeng Sok on April 15, which heralds the beginning of the New Year.
During this cherished holiday, preparations include cleaning homes, temples, and communal areas, as well as honoring senior people with water blessings. Families gather for merit-making rituals, offer alms to monks, and express gratitude to ancestors, fostering love and respect. Many people embark on journeys to reunite with their families in the countryside, expressing their love and respect. 

As part of our community engagement, our CSR teams are fully engaged during this festive period, and while the country celebrates the Songkran Festival,  numerous volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes. They ensure traffic security, organize community events, and, most importantly, provide support to the elderly.
AMATA's CSR teams and employees embraced the spirit of Songkran by engaging in a series of heartwarming community activities.
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It all began on April 7th when they participated in the Songkran traditional event, emphasizing respect for the elderly and the preservation of cherished traditions. AMATA's teams distributed prizes and consumer goods sourced from the local community, promoting sustainability and community empowerment.
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Continuing their commitment, on April 9th, AMATA joined the "Caring for the Elderly in the Community Year 2024" project, extending support to the Pluak Daeng community. They provided essential items and even supported local snacks, showcasing their dedication to community prosperity.
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Moreover, they visited senior citizens and bedridden patients, offering daily goods and comfort during this joyous occasion.
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In the days before and during Songkran, AMATA extended its reach to seven communities, watering elderly people for blessings and distributing essentials to over 1,400 participants. They provided vital support to local checkpoints, ensuring safety during the festivities. AMATA City Rayong supported the organization of the Songkran Sri Maharaja Festival and the Klong Khao Tradition, contributing to the community fair with prizes and other essentials.

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The CSR team and staff from AMATA Group continued their tradition of community engagement from April 15 to 19, visiting nine surrounding communities in AMATA City Chonburi and AMATA City Rayong. They connected with 2,700 elders, honoring them and upholding Thai cultural traditions through merit-making ceremonies and water-pouring rituals to receive blessings. Additionally, they sponsored rice from local mills and provided consumer products as gestures of sincere wishes.

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These efforts reflect a commitment to preserving and celebrating the rich heritage of Thai society while fostering values of mindfulness and gratitude.


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