Smart Education & Edutown

Smart Education project aims to enhance all levels of education in the industrial estate area. It targets to increase the quality of human resource available to serve future demands by establishing educational institutions with international standard curriculum from kindergarten to university levels.

Quality education for students to become global citizens

With the opening of SISA (Sirasartsuksa Amata School) at Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Chonburi, the foundation is being built for quality, international-level education from nursery to tertiary education in the long run. SISA was created by an initiative of Amata to make international education accessible to children of families with parents working in or living around Amata Nakorn. The school is to provide English-program education that meets today’s requirement of children becoming environmentally-responsible, knowledgeable, and creative global citizens.

In KinderWorld Education Group (KEG), Amata found the ideal partner. KEG opened its first pre-school in Singapore in 1986 and continues to deliver a comprehensive education program to students. All schools under KinderWorld Education Group adopt a unique curriculum that draws the best international curriculum from Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States.

In 2016, Amata KinderWorld Education took over the operations of YWCA Amata Nakorn Branch, providing Nursery to Primary 1 level education and renaming it to SISA. The school premises and buildings were renovated to create a vibrant learning environment and a happy, positive community. Progressively, new buildings that comprise educational blocks for high school up to college will be built in the later phases that will eventually provide an educational pathway for students up until Tertiary Education. From school year 2017 onwards, SISA is moving towards becoming an English Program (EP) school.

SISA’s mission is “to be a forward looking education institution embracing innovative teaching pedagogies in a creative and challenging environment and instituting life-long learning to enable students to reach their fullest potential”. SISA believes that education should equip our students with the essential knowledge and skills needed for a technology-driven and globalized world and, at the same time, preserve and nurture the significant values and cultures of Asia.

SISA’s mission beautifully reflects Amata’s long-term vision and ideologies. We plan for our industrial cities to become true communities, attracting business, people, and nature to thrive together.

For more information or inquiries, please contact Stephen See, General Manager, +66 (0)38-111-007,