Water & Waste Water

Amata’s Water Sustainability

With close to 1,100 manufacturers operating at the Amata City Chonburi and Amata City Rayong industrial estates in Thailand, the sustainable management of such a critical resource like water is essential for the existence and success of Amata’s sites in the long term.

Weather conditions become more and more unstable and a change in the world’s climate have affected average yearly rainfall in the region. While rainwater becoming scarcer, water demand at Amata has steadily increased. From 30.4 million cubic meters in 2011, it grew to 38.3 million cubic meters in 2014, and is estimated to continue rising year-on-year. Water management therefore requires significantly more foresight and planning than in the past. Amata has responded with heavy investment in the preparation of water resources, which now yield a total combined capacity of 54.65 million cubic meters of clean water for the two industrial estates.

All water products at Amata are managed by Amata Water, a fully-owned subsidiary of Amata Corporation PCL. It operates under the mission of continually developing products and services for our customers in the park, while providing sufficient and sustainable water resources, purification systems, and wastewater treatment systems, with a special aim toward environmental conservation. That comprehensive project includes managing water resources, treatment, and supply, while also channeling, purifying, and reusing wastewater.


Vision: “Water is a very important factor in industrial estate development, and its availability has to be sufficient and sustainable”


This water is made available through several advanced processes. Raw water from reservoirs and resources is treated by conventional or dissolved air flotation technology at plants located within the industrial estates. Effluent water from factories and rainwater drainage run through different pipes, enabling Amata to channel each type of water to the right treatment system.

To achieve true sustainability, effective wastewater management is perhaps even more crucial. Thanks to a combination of advanced treatment methods, Amata can confidently say that 100 percent of its wastewater is recycled and reused.

Since the severe drought of 2005, Amata has been continuously developing its water management programs in order to avoid future water shortages. The company has focused on achieving a balance between economic and social development and the environment. Amata's water management principles are based on a circular economy system, known as the #3rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Every day, Amata’s wastewater treatment plants currently collect and treat 35,700 cubic meters of wastewater, equivalent to 13 million cubic meters per year. Current water reclamation facilities reclaim wastewater with a Reverse Osmosis Membrane (RO) filtration system, reducing the demand for water from fresh sources by 40 percent.



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Other major laws

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Water Quality Standards

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into the central wastewater treatment system


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