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Amata's Japanese Society General Meeting

Mar 26th, 2019

Amata City Chonburi Japanese Society (AJS) held the annual general meeting. Mr.Yuji Hiraoka, President of Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the President of the Association, gave an opening speech. Aukkares Choochouy, Managing Director of Amata Facility Services Company, updated on traffic and safety. Some sixty companies, all Japanese businesses with manufacturing operations at Amata City Chonburi, participated. The members meet throughout the year on a regular basis to discuss various topics, promote friendship among manufacturers and liaise with Amata in specific topics.

Companies currently not member yet and interested to participate, please get in touch with AJS General Manager, Kuriyama Takafumi, supposed these conditions are met:

1.         Being a Japanese Company with factory located at Amata City Chonburi

2.         The person applying for membership to hold position like President, Managing Director, e.g. top management only

Kuriyama Takafumi, General Manager AJS and Managing Director of Wako Sangyo Company, kuriyama.t@wako-th.com



1. アマタシティーチョンブリ工業団地に入居する日系企業

2. 上級管理職以上(President, Managing Director等)

問合せ先:栗山隆文(General Manager, AJS / Managing Director, Wako Sangyo (Thailand)), E-mail: kuriyama.t@wako-th.com