The Company has placed importance on the participation of all stakeholders as part of our sustainable development process, especially the stakeholders in its value chain who are positively and negatively affected by the Company's operations and the stakeholders who have influence or impact on the business operations.

The Company reviews the identification and level of importance of the stakeholders annually by considering four factors: relevance, dependency, responsibility, influence. The stakeholder prioritization is considered by the level of impact on stakeholders in economic, social, and environmental aspects and by level of impact or influence of stakeholders to the Company. (Disclosure 102-42)
The Company has assigned the persons in charge of each group of stakeholders, provided various participation methods and communication channels to survey needs and expectation of the stakeholders, then conducted by the business units related to the stakeholders  under the supervision of AMATA Sustainable Development Committee. The material topics were analyzed from the expectations, needs, concerns, and opinions material to the Company's business, and responses will be made in various forms as deemed appropriate.
In 2021 the Company identified 10 groups of stakeholders, namely, employee, shareholder, customer, community, supplier/contractor, business partner, creditor, government agency/ state enterprise, media, and competitor and divided its stakeholder groups into 3 categories which are internal (1) and external (2) direct stakeholders and indirect stakeholders (3) (Disclosure 102-40)

Stakeholder Engagement & Performance

(Disclosure 102-43, 102-44)

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