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“We decided on expanding to Vietnam as we saw the opportunity to develop a world class industrial estate there, together with enthusiasm of the Vietnamese government in supporting the development of industrial estates and their clear investment policies.” Somhatai Panichewa, CEO Amata VN PCL.

Industrial Cities in Vietnam

Vietnam covers over 331,000 square kilometers; with China to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the west and the South China Sea along its eastern coastline. Vietnam's economy grew uninterruptedly; over the past decade, registered FDI has averaged 20 billion US dollars annually, with an increasing portion of it going into the manufacturing sector, followed by construction and real estate. Vietnam has various foreign trade agreements in place and more to be concluding in the near term.

Vietnam has a population of 91 million, including a 55 million strong young, diligent and educated labor force with a literacy rate of approximately 95%. Its labor costs for manufacturing are extremely low when compared with Asian competitors.

Vietnam is divided into 3 key economic zones. The Northern Economic Region, where the capital Hanoi is located; the Central Economic region, centered around Danang; and the Southern Economic Region, the country's manufacturing powerhouse nestled around economic capital Ho Chi Minh City where 60% of the country’s industrial production takes place.

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  • Creating cities: 7733 hectares of industrial estate development
  • Amata is ‘home’ for over 1,300 leading & aspiring global companies and create win-win partnerships where innovation can foster
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