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MAY 15TH, 2020

Amata Group's new “Give First” campaign aims to help people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the vast impact it has on their lives. Amata has launched its campaign in different stages, first helping people who work at factories at Amata estates, then assisting communities around these sites, and finally providing goods to all people in need.

The campaign has just begun and will continue as long as long as the crisis continues and its effects affect our lives. 


AMATA “Give First” Supporting People Who Lost their Jobs due to the Crisis

Viboon Kromadit, Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Amata Corporation and Buppha Kawinwasin, Director of Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) office at Amata City Chonburi, supervised the donation of rice, eggs and other foods to workers at Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate who have been laid off recently, to help alleviate their suffering.    

And at Amata City Rayong Industrial Estate, Songchom Tangnawapan, Senior Vice President Sales Operation, Amata Corporation, and Apichart Sektheera, Director of IEAT office at Amata City Rayong, directed the distribution of goods to laid-off workers.

Altogether, more than 1,000 workers of factories at Amata industrial estates queued up to receive assistance.


“Give First” AMATA Helps Surrounding Communities

Executives and employees of Amata Group, led by Songchom Tangnawapan, Senior Vice President of Sales Operations, participated in a visit to local communities around Amata City Chonburi and Amata City Rayong industrial estates, helping with the distribution of food to low-income families or families with members who are ill or disabled, who are suffering and struggling to make a living as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.Amata gave away 5-kg packages of rice, eggs and processed foods to each household. There are plans to continue helping families in local communities in Chonburi, Chachoengsao and Rayong provinces through June with, with the goal of providing more than4,700 food packages.

AMATA “Give First" Under the Theme ‘A Portion to Fill an Empty Stomach"

Amata set up a display rack in front of the Amata Service Center at Amata City Chonburi, equipped with gift sets that included rice and canned fish, and a book by Amata founder Vikrom Kromadit. The project aims to provide support to all people in need. Anyone is invited to come by and pick up a gift set. Amata plans to provide 3,000 sets in coming months.

A similar display will be set up in front of the Amata City Rayong office, where some 1,500 gift sets will be available to people suffering under the current crisis.


In conclusion, a total of 4,500 sets of rice and canned fish with Vikrom Kromadit’s books will be given under the Amata Give First Project at both Amata City Chonburi and Amata City Rayong.


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