Blood Donation Drives in Thailand & Vietnam

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Every year countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD), which falls on June 14, 2023. The event serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank voluntary, unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood.

For more than a decade, AMATA in Thailand has collaborated with the Thai Red Cross Society to organize blood donation drives. In the past 11 years, from 62 blood donation drives, we collected more than 22.61 million cc, which translates into around 50,000 donors. 


#AMATABloodHero "100 million cc of Blood for the Thai Red Cross Society"

AMATA aims to collect over 220,000 units of blood, or equally 100 million cc, in the long run; by setting a bold target, we want to create awareness, inspire and motive our community that collectively, we can aim high and achieve a goal. 

Around 450 cubic centimeters of blood is collected during the donation. According to the American Red Cross, one blood donation can save up to three lives, as red blood cells, platelets and plasma can be used individually from the blood.

Therefore, collectively, AMATA’s activities in Thailand and Vietnam to date support more than 165,000 lives.

Here is a summary of our latest blood donation drives. 



On May 23, at our blood donation center located inside AMATA City Chonburi industrial estate, we received blood donations from 248 donors. On June 6, the Somboon Learning Academy at AMATA City Rayong offered its facilities to hold a donation drive and we were very pleased to count 124 donors.

On each occasion, we are wonderfully supported by many of our clients participating as donors or co-organizing these drives within their factories.



The newly established AMATA City Ha Long industrial park in the country's north is going to sign a cooperation agreement with the Red Cross Society in Quang Ninh province and plans to initiate a first blood donation drive in November this year, targeting the more than 3,000 employees of Jinko Solar factories as potential blood donors.

In the South, AMATA City Bien Hoa, which was established almost 30 years ago, has co-organized with the provincial Red Cross division in Dong Nai annually 2-3 activities; since 2016, blood donation drives collected around 1 million cc of blood.

On May 24, AMATA City Bien Hoa was very honored to receive a Certificate of Merit from the Dong Nai People's Committee for the excellent contribution and co-organization of blood donation drives throughout 2022.

It's AMATA Blood Donor Day: On May 26, the blood donation drive at the industrial park attracted more than 550 registered donors and achieved the target to collect around 400 units of blood. We always receive lots of support from customers for these meaningful activities. 

Benefits of Donating Blood

Donating blood can help other people to maintain good health or allow them to stay alive. If a person’s blood levels fall due to an accident or illness, or if their blood is not functioning properly, there will not be enough oxygen or other nutrients to maintain their vital organs. Donating whole blood can help these people. A similar process to whole blood donation is apheresis. This provides other blood components, such as platelets. A donation of platelets can help people who have issues related to clotting. It may also provide antibodies to help fight a disease, such as COVID-19. Their plasma can contain antibodies to the infection. If another person receives this plasma, it may help their body fight the virus.



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